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Virtual Reality

We develop complete ambiences, totally interactive worlds and we put our clients inside these worlds. The Virtual Reality is the new step for a complete immersion. We create all kinds of virtual experiences, attending from corporative areas like architecture, construction and product design, to ludic areas like games, simulators and interactive animations.

Get to know some of the areas that use this technology the most, to make your researches real and palpable, besides reducing costs drastically.

Automotive sector

Create the simulation of any car with Virtual Reality. You can change the models and even create a virtual test drive for your clients, allowing them to take a ride anywhere in the world with the car you are selling, having an amazing feeling. The car will be totally personalized.


Specially in neurology and psychiatry, now it is possible to be close and analyze the phobias your patients feel according to the sensation they present, and you will be ready in the comfort of your work environment. We create the entire ambience you need to represent to your patient the experience that will be treated.  Take the blood pressure right on time, put the holters to monitor the symptoms and emotions in real time and with all your medical resources at your fingertips. And do not stop at it! Provide sensations never felt by some patients. If you attend patients that are not able to move some or all limbs, show them how the feeling of commands by movement and/or voice is.


Constrution / Architecture

See your creation right before your eyes. Change whatever is necessary in real time. Imagine the release of a building or a condominium, instead of making a decorated apartment, having costs with professionals for interior design, planned furniture and decorations, why not putting several decoration options for each kind of visitor in Virtual Reality? This will reduce your costs drastically and you can offer many more options for your clients. And for you, architect, see your electronic mockup in Virtual Reality, made by Studica Solution. You can render and, us, will make it real!