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Aumengted Reality

Our apps are not limited to the smartphone screen. We use top notch technology to recognize symbols, shapes and real objects and, before your eyes, three-dimensional objects, animations, illustrations, texts and all kinds of important content to impress with unique realism are created! Previously available only on movie screens, this virtual objects overlapping can also help you imagine situations a lot.

Think that through the camera of your cell phone you can decorate the ambience you are, change the color of the furniture, style and so on. The famous Pokémon GO!, for instance, was a game that became a fever in Brazil. But this technology is not only for games. In many operation and application areas this virtual product can be developed and will be much more present in our lives, making more palpable and real what is inside creativity, both yours and your clients’.

In the automotive area this technology is also widely used, being presented in several car types and models with many combinations. Yet in an area like gastronomy, dishes with real visualization for people can be presented, like a digital menu. And, of course, any other areas as long as creativity is used.


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