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About us

Studica Solution is a company located in São Paulo – SP with branches in Canada and the USA we work in the technological developing area. Our specialties are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games and Mobile Apps.

We transform ideas into business and create innovative solutions for the needs of the companies that hire us. Development was a natural destiny for our company; we are all enthusiasts and attend many clients, from the most different areas. We make it viable and turn into reality the works that were not possible before, using cutting edge technology.

Our professionals are Unity certified – platform that we use to develop all the projects – bringing more confidence to those who hire the services of our company.

Why hiring Studica?

Besides counting on renowned professionals in the programming area, Studica works with top-notch tools for developing. Our workplace is very well structured, also used as a space for meeting with clients and partners and our team is strongly project-focused. The perfection and ease that feature our projects are not found in other companies. And all that is very affordable.