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Lute contra todos os robôs inimigos para descobrir quem é o verdadeiro vilão.


Reúna todos os seus amigos para derrotar robôs corrompidos e avançar na história.


Chame seus amigos e descubra quem é o mais habilidoso nos diversos modos multiplayer.



A long time ago, men and synthetics lived in conflict. At this time rumors of a great war were emerging, so human leaders and synthetic leaders reached an agreement and made a peace alliance.

Synthetics, as they are called, are intelligent and independent systems (or robots) capable of reproducing and living together, as well as humans and other beings. Many humans fear the existence of synthetics and refuse to relate with them, as they consider them only as programmed machines. In response to the prejudice, synthetic rights advocacy groups were created.

Despite the small conflicts, the vast majority of men and synthetics live in peace and do not cause great uproar, but in recent days, strange cases have been reported in several different places on the planet. Groups of synthetics are revolting and attacking the population. The heroes Gravity Heroes have been activated and the mission is to neutralize and investigate what could be causing this mysterious revolt.


It’s a fast paced 2D futuristic arena game, where heroes called Gravity Heroes fight, controlling gravity, for peace between men and machines.

To bring the feeling of nostalgia,the game follows a pixel art style. Its futuristic appearance as seen in the 90s, should also be apparent in the art of the scenarios, characters, items and interface, i.e., items will have more mechanical parts, screws, electrical wiring and LED lights.